Material Purchase

Not all local authorities benefiting from Palm Recyling services have collection contracts with us.
Palm Recycling works with local authorities to provide direct purchase service for materials recovered by clients’ own collection processes. Materials covered by our direct purchase agreements include all dry recyclables such as paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and glass.

We handle approx. 600,000 tonnes of recyclable materials per annum, of which over 500,000 tonnes is recovered paper that goes directly for reprocessing at our Palm Paper mill. For all other materials, we have secure end-user markets with our strategic partners, some of the UK’s largest material reprocessors.

Our long-term service agreements with ISO14001 accredited haulage partners provide us with nationwide logistics coverage and a wide range of logistical solutions for the collection and transport of paper products and other dry recyclable materials.

With 13 operational bases including transfer and sorting facilities based all over the UK, this provides significant material storage, bulking and handling capabilities. This infrastructure ensures Palm Recycling meets the requirements of all local authority customers.