Palm Recycling is a key player and has been providing recycling services to the pressroom sector for over 25 years.
Collecting and reprocessing over 2,000 tonnes of fibre per week from both regional and national pressrooms. Palm Recycling is a vital link in the chain that enables the UK newspaper industry to maintain a sustainable end product.

We are always prepared to invest in recycling solutions for our press room partners. Palm Recycling offer assistance and advice on improving the movement of redundant paper and recycling of all materials so your business can concentrate on it’s main priority: printing.

Offering a fully holistic approach, through highly developed systems Palm Recycling provide total recycling solutions not just for paper, but all recyclable materials. This includes but not limited to materials such as aluminium, copper and ferrous metals, wood, plastics and hazardous waste. By increasing the recovery of such materials, Palm Recycling are able to generate maximum revenues for our clients.