Material Streams

Palm Recycling has the flexibility to offer both single stream material banks and mixed stream material banks.
Source separated banks
• Paper, Cardboard, Glass, Cans, Plastics and Textiles

Mixed stream banks
• Paper and Cardboard
• Cans, Plastic and Glass
• Cans and Plastic

With the development of this range of bring bank solutions, Palm Recycling has been able to expand the range of materials collected throughout our operations across the UK. This range of service provision provides benefits to local authorities, site users and material end users. The provision of either source-separated material banks or mixed-stream material banks have differing benefits depending on the requirement of the customer.

The fully source-separated material banks provide our paper mill and end users with high quality material without the need for sorting. The mixed-stream banks provide a simple and convenient recycling method for site users and the material is then processed and sorted via our sorting facilities located across the UK. This sorting process ensures that the material produced is of a high quality standard for end user reprocessors.